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Now Eye See has existed for several years as a project of Southern Adventist University’s Enactus program, and it has morphed throughout the years as most things do. In the past, the main goal was to supply as much financial aid as possible specifically to the sight-giving surgeries that Dr. Prabhakar and his team perform. These surgeries cost $75 per person, and that price includes transportation to and from the hospital, the surgery itself, and the post-operative care needed for each patient. Along with this endeavor in the winter semester of 2020, one of the main goals of the Now Eye See team was to complete a health script to be recorded onto personal listening devices called Godpods. These devices would be given to patients after their surgery to listen to and take home to share with their loved ones.


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The Godpods had evangelistic content including the Bible and some smaller Seventh Day Adventist books, the health and hygiene script that we personally wrote and recorded the audio for, and uplifting spiritual music from Southern Adventist University’s choirs as we believe that music is a powerful source of inspiration and worship. We were ecstatic to complete the Godpod initiative, and they have since all safely made their way over the seas into Dr. Prabhakar’s hands where we know they will be best used to bless the lives of his patients and those they care for. We are proud of our past work as a project, but came to the realization that we wanted Now Eye See to have be a more sustainable operation and to be able to assist Dr. Prabhakar’s work to become more sustainable as well.


Now Eye See has experienced a great amount of growth over the past semester and is tackling the current semester head-on. During last year’s fall semester, our group had to face the onslaught of COVID-19 and the need to adapt to overcome this obstacle. As we started the fall term, it came with a new dream and a new team. Our focus shifted from financially assisting Dr. Prabhakar and the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital’s cataract ministry to fundraising for their solar panel goal. We want to help Dr. Prabhakar and his team create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly program. Once installed, these solar panels will help the hospital save approximately $1,600 a month! It is our desire to help them achieve this goal to grow their sustainability as well as to open the door for those funds to be used to positively change even more people’s lives. This change in focus came with its challenge, however, as fundraising strategies had to be designed to meet this goal yet also be compliant with COVID-19 guidelines.

Thankfully, as the semester progressed, our new team drew together, and with it the ideas started to flow. As a result, our web page was redesigned, a new merchandise line was created, local businesses were engaged, and a spirit of resilience unified our group. There were setbacks, and many plans were scrapped due to the raging pandemic, but despite all of this, our team kept pushing forward and has our eyes set for what is to come this semester and beyond.


As the 2021 winter semester began, we came prepared to make an even greater difference in Dr. Prabhakar’s ministry. With a game plan designed before we left in December, we had the groundwork laid for more fundraising projects. As a part of these projects, we have created business partnerships, started selling our new merchandise online, and are even hosting our own COVID-19 safe benefit concert on campus. Better yet, there are even more things to come! The future is bright for Now Eye See, and we look forward to making a difference in the lives of thousands as we support the work of Dr. Prabhakar and the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital. If you would like to follow along on this journey, please follow us on our social media platforms through the links at the bottom of our web page. Lastly, please keep us, Dr. Prabhakar and the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital, and the people whose lives they touch in your prayers!



The Now Eye See Team