Each year the Now Eye See team works with Dr. Prabhakar to meet his specific needs. This year we are working to raise funds to purchase solar panels for the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital. This will help bring more sustainable medical practices to Jalandhar, India, and it will save the hospital approximately $1,600 a month allowing more money to be spent on other operations such as sight-giving surgeries.

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Due to the current pandemic, Dr. Jacob Prabhakar has been struggling to pay his staff and has forgone important hospital maintenance needs. Countless migrant workers were left without a job and basic necessities such as food, and many had no choice but to journey back to their distant home villages on foot. The Now Eye See team responded to this pressing situation by sending $2,500 in funds to help Dr. Prabhakar's staff and purchase food for the migrant workers during these troubling times.

Dr. Prabhakar and his team
Dr. Prabhakar and his team

Food Distribution
Food Distribution

Dr. Prabhakar and his team distributed this food to struggling migrant workers.

Patients with masks on waiting to be seen
Patients with masks on waiting to be seen

Patients with masks on waiting to be seen

Dr. Prabhakar and his team
Dr. Prabhakar and his team


Help NowEyeSee at Enactus at Southern Adventist University change lives for the better for the blind people of India.



Your donation will contribute towards helping Dr. Jacob make some much-needed renovations on his hospital, including the purchase of solar panels to make his operations more sustainable.



Your donation will cause a chain of positivity that will help cure cataracts disease one person at a time.


Your donation will not only affect the physical health of sightless people in India. It will also help them to live a higher quality of life thus impacting their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.



Your donation will restore sight to someone’s grandmother and allow them to see the smile of their grandchild.