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Make a Difference Today and help those who are blind in India receive their sight.



Updates in regard to the developing events due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how Now Eye See at Enactus at Southern Adventist University is responding to the crisis.


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The Now Eye See project was formed in 2017 on the campus of Southern Adventist University (SAU) in Collegedale, Tennessee, United States. Now Eye See is a social-entrepreneurial.....


Now Eye See

Who We Are

Now Eye See is calling action to shine the light on the growing issue of cataracts in India. There are 9.6 million people in India who suffer from cataracts and are in dire need of cataract surgery. We are students collaborating with Dr. Jacob Prabhakar, an ophthalmologist, who shrunk the 30-minute procedure to under 90 seconds. We are students like you who see the need of those who lack vision and want to support the work for a cataract-free future. Now Eye See challenges the conventions for creativity by utilizing social- entrepreneurial action and collaboration with designers who are inspired by the work that has been done in India. We solicit donations and design merchandise in clothing and accessories to fundraise to support Dr. Prabhakar and the people of India. Are you going to take action for a cataract-free future?


Making A Difference


 1/3 of total blind population resides in India

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80% or roughly ~ 9.6 million people in India suffer from cataracts

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12 million people in India are blind


All the way through high school, Dr. Jacob was first in his class - and first in the school. "When my teachers asked me what I would like to be, I told them a doctor. I thought I probably would not make it because it is very expensive to take medicine. But my humble parents taught me With God nothing is impossible.” He made the impossible happen and today Dr Jacob makes the impossible happen to thousands living with blindness in India.

Dr. Jacob Prabhakar



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